FontanaGrande is the finest example of the Made in Italy brand, showcasing the best of what the Italians are able to produce.
The unique Italian flair and sensitivity in building and decorating has always been a benchmark of excellence. From Roman times until today, this country has been the birthplace of architects, sculptors, painters and craftsmen whose works have filled the history books and art and design around the world.


FontanaGrande is based in Vicenza, the homeland of Andrea Palladio, one of the greatest architects of all time, who has been an influence on world architecture of centuries.

Even today, the design of modern villas often takes its inspiration from the perfect proportions of buildings built in the 16th Century by this architectural genius.
In its role as a general contractor, FontanaGrande aims to maintain the quality achieved by such illustrios predecessors, both in design and construction.


A team of the best architects and craftsmen is selected for each individual project. Together with a unique network of suppliers providing the best building and decorative materials, FontanaGrande is able to design and realise buildings, fittings, lighting systems and furnishings that represent the best of Italian craftmanship, delivering to the client a work of the finest quality down to the smallest detail.

Architecture is the art which so disposes and adorns the edifices raised by man, for whatsoever uses, that the sight of them may contribute to his mental health, power and pleasure.

John Ruskin

First impact
Customer’s personality

Like a tailor, who realizes custom-made clothes,FontanaGrande projects and creates custom-made works. The most important thing for FontanaGrande is understanding the client which means “taking his appropriate measures”,knowing his tastes and needs. What is essential, is establishing a cooperation with the buyer which will be concluded with the “turnkey”.For every single project FontanaGrande involves the best experts, in order to guarantee the quality standard.

The birth of the project
Fantasy and reality

Just like an interior designer, the architect has to base the work on a preliminary project, which is the result of his imagination but inspired by customer’s life style and passions. All this is combined with all information gathered on the ground, such as the climate of the place on where the work will be carried out. Progressivly FontanaGrande team of specialists’ will define every detail of the project achieving the buyer’s satisfaction.

Speed, precision and price performance

Once checked and approved, the project moves towards the planning, where time, costs and work logistic organization are established. FontanaGrande experience guarantees the client the project realization within the agreed terms. The optimization of work on the construction site consequently also improves the price performance. The specialized and tested teams in collaboration with professionals increase the quality and certainty of the final result.

The realization
From imagination to creation

Thanks to the collaboration of FontanaGrande with expert craftsmen, every fantasy of the architectural project becomes concrete, achieving results of excellence. Actually, the quality of work and the satisfaction of the customer are fundamental values that contribute to gain trust. For this reason the ongoing monitoring during the different stages of the work and the ability to solve problems are a constant feature of FontanaGrande team.